Monochromie is the brainchild of French artist Wilson Trouvé.
"The highly gifted pianist and composer is responsible for a plethora of gorgeous releases, home to such treasured independent labels as Time Released Sound and Fluttery Records. Monochromie’s music sculpts sounds and feelings that in turn, captures deep, unwavering emotion." Mark Carry - Fractured Air.  Moreover, Wilson Trouvé has been composing cinematic music under a new music project called The Blooming White Orchestra started in 2017.





This short EP was composed between January and March 2018.
Births EP is dedicated to Wilson Trouve's lovely nephews who were born recently. Above all, this new EP talks about all births.




© Monochromie, 2018

© Monochromie, 2018

This is a gorgeous album, and should be listened to late at night on good headphones, and specifically for fans of the aforementioned Sigur Ros, Nils Frahm and Peter Broderick.
— THE ROCK CLUB UK (about the album "Behind black clouds")

With “Behind Black Clouds” Monochromie dives deeper into digital sound and the results are glorious.
— Beach Sloth
Intense, dramatic and beautiful, the new album offers you a wave after wave of mesmerizing sounds masterfully crafted into something really spectacular. For fans of Explosion in the Sky, Sigur Ros and Mogwai.
— ( about the album "Enlighten yourself while you sleep"
With all 9 tracks on this release, Monochromie – or Wilson Trouvé to his folks – has managed to transcend whatever boundaries some people think should not be crossed, when it comes to a musician’s output. His ability to combine numerous elements, however slight, such as ambient electronica, classical and distorted post-rock like guitar, all the while losing none of its melody, is truly something to behold. Elements ranging from Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Explosions In The Sky, to Phillip Glass and Chopin, to Sigur Rós and Stafraenn Hákon, all combine to bring you this 45 minute collection of delightful, emotional and sublime music.
— Conor Callanan ( about the album "Enlighten yourself while you sleep"
This is one of the best ambient releases I’ve heard in a long time and whilst I’ve heard a lot of great music in that wider field of sound recently, this release to me is a brilliantly succinct example of how electronica and chill-out music should be done.
— Chad Murray ( about the album "Stained Glass"
Melancholy is at its highest point, but not in a negative meaning. Evocative, emotive and nostalgically instruments and electronic beats, treat you like the most beautiful music can do. The gift of this artist is the ability of capturing a certain atmosphere and mood, then giving shape to them, through the power of his sounds.
— Andra Munteanu (Reykjavik Boulevard) about "Colors in the dark"
Monochromie’s previous albums sounded full, but this EP sounds pristine. This is how a winter album should sound: un paysage de blanc avec des ombres légères. The unusual cover reflects this idea as it intimates the presence of the black keys without showing them.
— Richard Allen (A Closer Listen) about the EP "Winter" (piano works)




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Upcoming release : Malam (Wilson Trouvé, 2018)

Births EP (Monochromie, 2018)

Stained glass (Monochromie, 2016, reissued on Fluttery Records in 2018, CD/Digital)

Pigments (Wilson Trouvé, self-released, 2017, Digital only)

In Vivo (Wilson Trouvé, 2017, soundtrack for an exhibition, Limited Edition of 50 copies on CD)

Winter (Monochromie, 2014, reissued on 1631 Recordings in 2016, Digital only)

Brussel-Zuid EP (Monochromie, 2015, self-released, Digital only)

Behind black clouds (Monochromie, 2015, Fluttery Records, CD/Digital)

Colors in the dark (Monochromie, 2013, Time Released Sound, Limited Deluxe Edition CD / Digipak CD / Digital)

Enlighten yourself while you sleep (Monochromie, 2013, Fluttery Records, CD/Digital)

Angels and Demons (Monochromie, 2012, Fluttery Records, CD/Digital)


It’s one thing to produce a lot of work over three or so years, but another altogether to present such consistently strong material with each new Monochromie release
— Matt Wekeling (Cyclic Defrost magazine - Australia)